DR.KO dermaceutical Raya Campaign 2024

DR.KO dermaceutical is collaborating with TikTokers and influencers to review their curated 3 SERIES collection, emphasizing its skin-lifting properties. The collection is formulated to smooth, firm, and lift the skin, aiming to rejuvenate and create buzz during Raya. This collaboration aims to promote product awareness and increase sales. Followers can potentially redeem a free skincare kit using a TikToker’s provided code, leveraging influencer marketing to reach a broader audience and drive engagement.

Campaign Objective

Increase Brand awareness during the Raya festival: Tiktoker can encourage followers to gift Dr. KO skincare series to their loved ones. This not only introduces more followers to our products but also offers them a chance to try a complimentary kit. Follower can discover new brands or products that they wouldn’t have tried otherwise, expanding their options for skincare.

Increase Reach and Engagement: TikTok influencers often have large followings and high engagement rates. By sharing educational content, they can reach a broad audience interested in skincare, potentially exposing the brand to new consumers. Use trending and relevant hashtags such as #dr.kodermacetical #salamkasih #skincaretips #SkincareRoutine to increase discoverability.

Increase Credibility and Trust through Key Opinion Leader (KOLs): Tiktok Influencer can enhance the brand’s credibility as they position themselves as trusted authorities. By allowing potential customers to try them first, they hope to demonstrate the benefits of their skincare solutions. If someone finds that a complimentary skincare kit works well for their skin, they are more likely to purchase the full-sized products. It’s a win-win situation where consumers get to test products risk-free, and brands gain loyal customers who trust their products.


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Content Formulation

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