Customized Unique Strategy Marketing

We connect you to a variety of 5000+ different Chinese & Malay influencers for your brand. We offer a diverse selection and services, before and after sales, for different target audience, and manages review and create unit selling point for the product.

Influencer Management

We develop a specific marketing plan for your brand  with influencers to make your brand impactful in the market. By providing a one-stop solution that includes an exclusive team for you, we create extraordinary content that accurately reflects your brand story and win influence from the likes of your target audience.

FB & instagram management

We work with our influencers to offer complete solution and authenticity for product reviews. Our influencers are able to implement the strategies that best suit obtaining a diverse variety of your target audience via product suggestions on Facebook & Instagram,  daily posts with new content, advertisement management, thorough and comprehensive written reviews and periodic reviews.

Influencer Education

Suitable for entrepreneurs or laymen who want to build their influence in the digital world. Held by experienced coaches with proven track records, we give our students a complete training so that they can find their talent as influencers and then thrive and excel in their own social platforms. Our students are also well assured with a lifetime guidance & support. 


We organize a wide spectrum of branded events with a complete package that entails influencer management to event management. Guaranteed to create carefully crafted experiences for your attendees.

Tiktok Management Service

Each week, we comprehensively plan TikTok video contents, scheduled with sublimated marketing strategies under a contractual agreement. We provide services such as TikTok marketing services, video production, setting up TikTok shops and paid advertising. Our solutions are catered to a variety of commodities, including gaming, food, beauty and more.

Ambassador services

We manage and invite special influencers/celebrities such as artists, models, athletes, TV spokesperson, TikTokers and various more exclusively from Malaysia & Indonesia as your ambassadors for your events/projects that allows your brand to potentially gain a high number of video views up till 10 million views and attention on a monthly basis.

Talent Management

We provide and manage a team of models, IG/Tiktok talents for live, photo shooting & videography sessions. Our talents can help you promote the environment of your business premises, awareness campaigns such as giveaways, your website & also your products. 

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