About the Brand

Tineco, founded in 1998, is a leading innovator in the vacuum cleaner industry, known for high-performance, smart cleaning solutions. Their products include cordless vacuums, smart wet-dry vacuums, and floor washers, all designed for efficient and convenient home cleaning. Renowned for quality and innovation, Tineco has built a loyal global customer base.

Campaign Overview:

Enhance product awareness and drive sales for Tineco’s innovative vacuum cleaners through influencer marketing on Xiao Hong Shu.

Engaged 30 influencers to visit sales outlets, review Tineco products, and share their experiences with their followers.

Key Components of campaign

Data Analytics:
Monitor key metrics (engagement rates, click-through rates, conversion rates) to gauge campaign effectiveness.

Iterative Improvement:
Continuously optimize strategies based on data insights to improve performance throughout the campaign.

21-35 Years of Age

Age demographic

All script and content strategy to be prepared in Mandarin by our team then to be briefed to the creators.

Shoot, studio set-up, mechanisms for content creation to be done all in in house by InfluenYou before we move further with editing.


Content Formulation

Overall Impact

Sustainable Growth

Competitive Edge

Boost in Sales

Increased Traffic

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